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Click here for a .pdf Version of the contract. 


Sellers information

Unless you plan to keep your dress in a wardrobe for the next fifty years, you have probably decided to sell it. This is where we can help you, just read the following:

If you would like to sell your dress on a commission basis, please e mail a photo of the dress to We can then advise you if we are able to sell your dress on a commission basis.

For a fee of CHF 40 per customer we are able to sell on a commission basis the following items.

· Wedding dresses
· Bridesmaid dresses 
· Evening dresses 
· Wedding shoes 
· Veils
· Tiaras 
· Hats
· Jewellery 
· Gloves 
· Corsets
· Petticoats
· Jackets
· Handbags
· Ring Pillows

Please note

Dresses must be in good condition and professionally dry-cleaned.
All accessories must be in good condition.
You name your price (generally half the original price, new 80% of original price)

We will keep the articles for a maximum of a year.
Unsold articles will be returned.
You will receive 60% of the agreed sale price.
A CHF 40 fee will be charged per dress 
A photograph of the dress will be appreciated - wedding photos would be ideal 
For further information please contact us and arrange a meeting with us today.
A full contract including our terms and conditions please click on the link.

Click here for a .pdf Version of the contract.